About brand

Rubeus Milano is the name of a new luxury label of elegant leather accessories, handmade with valuable varieties of leather by master craftsmen.

The brand Rubeus Milano was born in 2013 in Milan, the embodiment of an idea by young designer Natalia Bondarenko, who was convinced that a bag is not simply an accessory but a work of art, created to be a collector’s item and passed on through generations.

There is destiny in the name: Rubeus emphasises the fact that the brand is intended for devotees of refinement, as traced back to the culture of luxury.

Rubeus Milan is the name chosen by the designer for her brand.  The first word “Rubeus” translates from Latin to “ruby” – the precious stone, which bestows on the owner love and passion, strength and invincibility.  The second word “Milano” – the name of the city in which the brand came to be and where Natalia drew on inspiration to create her first collections.


The Rubeus Milano debut collection was presented to journalists and international buyers during Milan Fashion Week. It was defined by the choice of ultra valuable leathers – crocodile, lizard, snake and lambskin and also by the modern design and signature ruby-red lining.


The name given to the first collection of bags handmade with crocodile leather in classic tones: from brown to dark green.  Their design is laconic and simple and each model was named after a great lady in the historical art world:  Frida (Kahlo), Tamara (Lempicka) and Tina (Modotti).  The names underline the brand owner’s family passion for art collecting.


A collection created for women who are sophisticated, fashionable and dynamic.  The name came from the legendary King, whose touch turned any item into gold.  In keeping with the name, the collection consists of models with elegant details made with pure gold and the clasp is decorated with a stone distinctive to the brand in bright ruby red.

rubeus milano shoes

The label’s first footwear line was shown in 2015; boots and shoes with an 11-centimetre heel attracted particular attention.  This heel was created especially for the company and is peculiar for its architecture and its elegance.  All footwear by Rubeus Milano is made with crocodile skin and in colour schemes to match the bag collections.  Riccardo Polidoro, famous for his work with Roberto Cavalii and Giambatista Valli, is responsible for design.

Natalia Bondarenko

Nataliya graduated with a Master’s degree from the Florence Design Academy, before moving with her family to Milan. In 2013, she decided to create a luxury accessories brand entirely “made in Italy.” Rubeus Milano was presented for the first time in September 2014 during Milan Fashion Week.

About team

Company Creative Director Natalia Bondarenko is behind all of the brand's collections.  Designer Ricardo Polidoro – famous for his work with Roberto Cavalli and Giambattista Valli - is responsible for shoes.

"We’re both left-handed and we both trained as architects so we understand each other perfectly", —says Natalia. 

Production is handled by five experts who work with premium varieties of leather under the master direction of Fausto Zani who over 36 years in the business has seen more beautiful bags than women.  For many years he’s been focussed on the process of modelling luxury class goods from crocodile, python, ostrich and lizard.  Fausto coordinates the preparation of the article at every stage:  preparation of the raw materials, cut, assembly and quality control of the end result.